• Sunga Art Sunga  Style :  Mauryan artitecture was influenced by Indo Greeks, the pillars, stupas depict the Greek influence whereas  Sunga art was more localised  Religion : Mauryan art patronised Buddhism whereas  Sunga culture practice Brahamanism  Material  : Mauryan used wood on large basis whereas  Sunga used stone as evident from the fact that palace of Patliputra was wood based whereas in Barhut and Sanchi where Sunga art flourished there is stone evidence  Artitecture  :Mauryan build pillars,  stupas whereas Sungas broadly pursue sculpture.   Both the dynasties left a lasting influence where stupas of Buddha by Ashoka depicted the Dharma and teaching of Buddha, Sunga dynasty patronised Brahmanism.  
  • Modern Painting  1. The Theme of this revived paintings was that of Nationalism. Indian Independence movement required such Nationalistic Art to mobilise the people by touching their emotions. Paintings of Mother-land etc., served this purpose. 2. Unlike the paintings of medieval period, which were drawn on walls ( mural ) or which were miniature paintings, paintings were now drawn on the paper. With advent of printing press, these could be widely duplicated and circulated too. 3. Oil paintings were brought to India by the British painters. These were used extensively by Indians as well. Raja Ravi Varma and Abindranath Tagore excelled in the modern paintings. 4. Apart from this portrait paintings also developed and many Indian princes had employed painters to get their picture painted. 
    1. Painters like Amrita Shergil in the 20th century  
    2. ER  
  • Malwa, Deccan are 2 miniature styles of painting  

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