Quotes – Beginning / End  

  •  Sanshkrit slogan  PRKRUTI RAKSHATI RAKSHITHA  ( Nature protects if she is protected )  Gandhi  The World has enough to saisfy everyone’s need but not enough for Everyone’s Greed   Robert Swan – the famous explorer – Pneumic – Robert Solow and Swan  The greatest Threat to our environment is the Belief that someone else will save it  Lord Alfred Tennyson  Men May Come and Men May go, But I shall go on Forever  DON Marquist  ( American Poet) The chief obstacle to the progress of human race is the human race itself   Conservation is a state of Harmony between Man and Nature   The Future will Either be Green or Black   Every one of us must Try to leave earth a better place than when we arrived   Environment should be put in the category of National Security    Think Global, Act Local   
    • emulate practice of old man so that children can be proud of us as we are of our forefathers. 
  • Case Studies  
    • Project Jal Sanchay  
    • Chipko  
      • Similarly, Silent Valley Project in Silent valley protection from hydro projects  
  • People connected  
    • Wangari Maathai  
      • Nobel Prize Winner  
      • Afforestation movement in Kenya and subsequently other nations  – 3 crore trees planted  
      • Also struggle for Democracy  
    • Al Gore –  
      • Nobel 
      • AN Inconvenient Truth movie   
    • Medha Patekar  
    • Maneka Gandhi  
  • Women and environment 
    • Interlink 
    • Chipko, appikko, Narmada, warangi, Amrita Devi 
    • Environment related primary jobs – women  
    • Oecd study – women consumers – preferred more energy saving solutions – CFL, led  
    • Economic survey – women and sanitation 
  • Literature  
    • Tennyson – Brook  
    • William Wordsworth – Daffodil  
  • 2 lakh years ago, a new species originated on earth. Like all other organisms, its ecological footprint was limited. However, unlike others, Homo Sapiens had the power of thinking. Using that, stones turned into weapons to cut trees, wood was carved into wheels and hunting became easier;  adding engine to wheel fuelled the industrial revolution and the smoke ; machines led to mass production and the modern human was born.  

During this transition, unorecedented damage was inflicted on the environemtn  

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