Science and Technology


  • TECHNOLOGY Gives us power, Wisdom tells us how to use it  
  • Einstein – If you know what you are doing, then it’s not research 
  • Michael Faraday – Electricity – What use is electricity . He replied what use is this new born baby 
  • Martin Luther  
    • We have Guided Missile and Misguided Men  
  • Gandhi  
    • Science Without Humanity – 7 sins 


  • An apple falling on the ground ignited an idea that changed the world forever. Applying the idea into practise 
  • Science vs Poverty – Mangalyaan vs HDI 

Conclusion – Michael Hart, the famous writer and essayist rated Jesus Christ as the 3rd most influential person of all time. The 2nd in that list was Sir Isaac Newton.  God, it seems, influenced more by a falling apple than his chosen prophet .  Many more apples are falling today in front of Ram, Sheetal, Pinky and Kumar. All it requires now is an ignition of curiosity to unleash another groundbreaking revolution 

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