• Quotes  
    • B R Ambedkar – I measure the progress of a community by the degree of the progress which women have achieved  Kofi Annan 
      • There is no tool for development more effective than empowerment of women  Vivekananda  “There is no chance for welfare in the world unless condition of women is achieved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only 1 wing. ” … beautifully sums up the essence of power of women in leading not just their families but also their nation and the world  General Lines  Boys Don’t Cry   
  • Men vs Women  
    • It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays eggs  
    • If you want something said, call a Man ; If you want something done call a women  
    • Women will probably not be as successful as men, because they don’t have wives to support them  
  • Dichotomy  
    • Corporate 
      • TCS became the 1st company to employ 1 lakh women  
      • Chanda Zaveri, Indira Nooyi  
      • Board directors 
      • Indian Army  
    • Social  
      • Worship Shakti, Mother vs Domestic Violence  
      • Society has moulded a sense of under confidence in women  
      • Deep seated attitude places women as inferior to men  
      • Cinema takes to a new level and is accused of objectifying women as tools of pleasure 
        • They are infact but in a different way 
        • Every wordly pleasure we can contemplate arose only after our mothers took great care of us in her womb 
        • Behind every successful man there is a woman  
      • Florence Nightingale  
      • Ela Bhatt  
    • Political  
      • Only 11% women MPs in 15th Lok Sabha  
        • Althiugh, highest ever- Change possible  
        • Pales though in front of scandinavian – 40% 
      • 10% of women candidates won vs 6% of men  
        • Shows how people rate managerial ability of women  
    • International leaders  
      • Wangari Maathai  
        • Nobel Prize Winner  
        • Afforestation movement in Kenya and subsequently other nations  – 3 crore trees planted  
        • Also struggle for Democracy  
      • Melinda Gates  
      • Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher  
  • Innovative Solutions  
    • A part of salary of men can be routed through the wife’s account  
  • Changes being seen 
    • Women topping civil services  
  • Closing  ( Pre Closing) Lines  
    • If Mankind is god’s greatest creation, then Women are its Greatest Manifestation  
      • Can replace women and put in children as well  
    • A lot of ink has been spilled in expressing the vulnerable position of Gender in the streets of society  
      • Can replace Women with caste, class, etc  

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