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    • Individual  
    • Family 
    • Society – Religion  
    • Media  
    • Bureacracy  
    • Business 
    • Politics 
    • Professional Life  
      • Professor, Lawyer, Consultant, Doctor 
    • State  
    • National  
    • International  
  • PESHTEL ,   APEC   IIP  
    • Political  
      • Entitlement  
      • Women empowerment 
      • Democracy 
      • Terrorism   
      • Rise of politics – Caste politics after green revolution  
    • Economic 
      • Business World 
      • Agriculture 
    • Social 
      • Health  
      • Education  
      • Media 
      • Mc-Donaldisation / Westoxification 
      • Naxalism  
      • Age divide 
      • Caste, class, gender  
    • Historical 
    • Technological 
      • Startup  
    • Environmental 
    • Legal 
      • Constitutional – Preferably towards the end  
      • Judicial role  
      • Judgements 
    • APEC  
      • Agriculture 
      • Psychological  
        • We all applaud at the success of Abhinav Bindra, not many of us wants our wards to aspire to becoe a sportseman  
        • We all want the roads to be clean but… 
        • We all want India to be corruption free, but …. 
      • Ethical  
      • Cultural 
    • PIC 
      • Philopsophical  
        • Gandhi  
        • Social Contract theory  
        • RELIGION  
      • International  
      • Cinema  
    • ISS 
      • Individual  
      • Sports  
      • Security  

Daily life 

  • Big, fat Indian wedding 
  • Clickbaits 
  • Giving Exams 
  • e-rickshaw 


  • Start with data 
    • Say not restricted to data alone.  
    • Give common life example 
    • Eg cleanliness – Environmental prefernce index, Yale study 
    • Then, Reaffirmed by tourist responses – richness of poverty heritage contrasts to poverty in cleanliness 
    • This contrasts to the views of Gandhiji, constitution makers making the vision of … imperative  
  • Anecdote and contrast 
    • Women  
      • Nirbhaya  
      • Crime grotesque  
      • Vs worship of women – Shakti 
    • Skill 
      • On one hand – Indians running US. CEOs  
      • Other hand – unemployability 
    • Caste  
      • Ranvir Sena, Laxmanpur Bathe  
      • Belchhi – 11 dalits by OBC kurmi  
    • Nuclear 
      • Retina, evaporate  
    • Wastage  
      • Big fat Indian wedding  
  • 1 liner 
    • Poverty is ubiquitous in India 
    • Cyber world is a dichotomous space  
    • India is in a paradoxcial situation  
    • India is notorious for  
    • In fact, start with 1 liner and then merge with facts, anecdotes  
    • Education – India was the birthplace of modern education system. In the universities of Nalanda…… Years later and the picture presents a completely different look. Indian education is arguably neither ingenious nor  participative  (only an eg) 
  • Quote  
    • At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom  
    • Gandhiji’s assertion hold more relavance today than any other era  
    • Tagore –  
      • Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,  
      • Into such heaven, let my father, let my nation awake  

Link between intro and body 

  • Definition 
    • However, what is often ignored is the true undestanding of the issue.  
    • Diagnosis by a doctor  
    •  Poverty is not merely bread and butter but has a multi-dimensional impact  
  • Extend the anecdote  
    • Say, it is just an example or one of the many studies that criticises the approach to  
    • It then makes imperative to focus on  
  • Use of questions  
    • 1 line questions to move from one to another  
    • So, is the technology useful ? 
  • A vs B question 
    • Start from A. Then negate it  
  • Go back in time  
  • Set of questions – What ? Where? How ?  


  • Real life examples 
    • Wastage- Big fat Indian wedding  
    • Clean – NIMBY – Indians clean their house clean. No chappals allowed. But prefer to dispose wastes on street  
    •  Sports – Beta Padho Likho  
  • Begin on an Indian level, then connect it to the world  
  • Link between Para 
    • Similarly 
    • An equivalent result is seen in the field of  
    • The role of diplomacy in health is of no less achievement  
    • Delopment is important but so is environment  
    • The utility is not limited to society alone. It extends to family as well  
    • The primary gain of smart city is economic  
    • Social change (or whatever) remains hollow until backed by the strong foundation of the economy  
    • Social preparedness will remian incomplete till India manages to take care of agriculture  
    • Global leader is also expected to shore up its political foundations  
    • It has ramifications in intrenational relations as well 
    • In way forward 
      • It is the duty of the state…. 
      • However this does not abdicate the duties of a citizen. JFK quote  
  • philosophical ideas 
    • Redistributive justice 
    • Participative governance 
    • Utilitarianism vs Deontological  
    • Social equity  
    • Cooperative Federalism  
    • Rights based approach  
    • Colonial mindset  
    • Feudal mentality  
    • Citizen disillusionment and restlessness  
  • Literature  
    • Charles Dickens- London  
      • Orphan, widow, poverty, pollution 
    • Jules Verne  
    • Shakespeare – Treachery, love,  
    • R K Laxman – The common man  
    • Alfred Lord Tennyson – Men may come and men may go, but I shall go on forever  
  • Style  
    • Anything but perfect  
    • Not uncommon  
  • The 21st century is said to be an Asian century. To make it an Indian century, it is important that…. 
  • India today is at a very important crossroad. The decisions we make today will affect millions in future. Let us provide a future where our children wil remember us for strengthening their foundations and not leading up to their existential crisis  
  • It is time that sports moves away from the last page of th newspaper. It is time that sporting authorities restructure themselves. And it is time that … Only the n will more Abhinav Bindras originate and sporting culture will flourosh  
  • A change though is palpable today.  India is no longer… It has ….. However, to fulfil the Tagore’s vision of an India, “where the head is held high; and the mind is without fear”, the drops of tears have to be removed from every singe soul. It might be  autopian vision. But then, as a famous saying goes, “Aim for the Stars, If you fail you’ll land on the moon ” 
  • Imagine that India of 2020 where no one goes hungry……  However to fulfill this utopianism, pragmatism  
  • It is said that sometimes questions are more powerful than answers. Indeed, humanity is faced with this very powerful question. Let this young girl or boy captured somewhere in Iraq, I talked about in the beginning, put it to us 
  • Connect to the intro  
    • Eg in sports essay – Let’s rejoice the success of our  medal winners for now. It is, howver, more important to allow every Pinki, Lata, Ram and Hari to morph into Mary Kom and Abhinav Bindra of the next generations. Only then will our constitutional fundamental duty “to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective acrivity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievment” can truly be fulfilled Only then will Indian sporting performances be truly appreciated world over.  
    • Environment – “to protect and improve the natural enviroment” and “to have compassion for all living creatures”  
    • Science  – ” To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform ”    

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