Gamini Singla IAS (AIR-3) UPSC Marksheet, Biography, Education & More

Gamini Singla UPSC
Gamini Singla IAS

Gamini Singla UPSC Brief

AGE (When she cleared the exam)23
ROLL NO.3524519
Gamini Singla UPSC

Gamini Singla ranked third in the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Exam. It is an amazing achievement to pass this important exam with a rank of 3 in India. She has been appointed as an officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Women took the top positions in the Civil Services Exam 2021 final results, which was announced on May 30, 2022 by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

IAS Gamini Singla from Chandigarh made her mark by achieving AIR 3, while Shruti Sharma and Ankita Agarwal secured AIR 1 and AIR 2, respectively. Gamini Singla, a student at Chandigarh’s Punjab Engineering College, came in third in the competitive Civil Services Exam on her second attempt.

Gamini Singla IAS

Anandpur Sahib of Punjab, where Gamini Singla is from. She graduated in 2019 with a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from Chandigarh’s Punjab Engineering College.

Gamini has chosen to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and wants to work to develop both national development and human welfare. She is thrilled to have been chosen for the prestigious IAS Exam and feels that with effort and will, women can succeed in any endeavour.

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Gamini Singla UPSC Biography

Originally Gamini Singla from Anandpur Sahib of Punjab . Her brother is an IIT Kharagpur graduate, and her parents, Dr. Alok Singla and Dr. Neerja Singla, are both medical officials in Himachal Pradesh.

Gamini acknowledges her family’s support for her academic accomplishment. She says that her family morally and emotionally supported her in her goal of becoming an IAS official. When asked how her family helped her in study, she said that it was really crucial.

“You won’t believe it but my father has helped me a lot with my studies. He would read the newspaper and mark things for me so that I could save my time. He made sure I wouldn’t miss any important point for the prelims or Mains.”

-Gamini Singla UPSC

Gamini says that her father supported her academically and helped her to save time by knowing precisely what was required for the prelims and mains.

IAS Gamini Singla's Parents
IAS Gamini Singla’s Parents

Gamini Singla Educational Background

  • Gamini completed her Xth grade education in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab.
  • She studied Mount Carmel School for her secondary education.
  • Gamini graduated from Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh with a BTech in computer science engineering in 2019.
  • She rejected a job offer from JP Morgan to work as a finance analyst in order to pursue her UPSC aspiration.
  • Soon after graduating, she began studying for the exam. She chose sociology as the optional.
  • Gamini’s first attempt in the Prelims was unsuccessful, but in her second attempt, she succeeded and became an IAS Topper.

Success at Civil Services Exam

Gamini started studying for the UPSC examination in 2019 immediately following her graduation. She primarily used self-study and sought assistance from a coaching centre in Patiala for her preparation. She didn’t give up after failing the first time because she had always wanted to be an IAS officer. Beginning in 2020, she was studying and preparing independently at home. She put in more effort and succeeded on her second attempt. She came in third on the list of UPSC exam with a total score of 1045 marks.

“I am really happy. It is like a dream come true. I have opted for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and would like to work for the development of the country and the welfare of people,”

-Gamini’s reaction after the result

Gamini Singla Marksheet

Essay (paper I)125
General Studies 1 (papaer II)132
General Studies 2 (papaer III)122
General Studies 3 (papaer IV)126
General Studies 4 (papaer V)111
Optional 1 (Sociology ) (paper VI)152
Optional 2 (Sociology ) (paper VII)148
Written Total858
Personality test187
Final total1045
Gamini Singla UPSC Marksheet

Gamini Singla’s UPSC Preparation Strategies

“I used to study for 9-10 hours a day. I took coaching from Vinod sir in Patiala. Mostly I did self-study preparing for the examination, and finally, I got through. “

-Gamini Singla IAS

‘Along with your hard work, the strategy also plays an important role. So, reflect on your mistakes, as to why you have failed in the previous attempts. Carve out a unique strategy. You need not follow someone, just have a unique strategy and work hard. Because there is no substitute to hard work in this examination.”

-Gamini Singla IAS

Gamini Singla UPSC Instagram Profile

Failure and how to tackle negativity?

After attempting the preliminary exam on her first attempt, she realised that she would not be able to pass it. Feeling demotivated at the moment, she told her parents about it. They offered their support and advised her to try again the coming year. She identifies her weaknesses and addresses them.

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Gamini Singla UPSC – FAQ

Who is Gamini Singla IAS?

Gamini Singla who has secured AIR-3 in UPSC Civil Service Exam in the year 2021. Her optional subject was Sociology. She is a B.Tech. graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Punjab, and was offered a job at JP Morgan but left it to prepare for the UPSC CSE. She left the job as she always wanted to ba an IAS officer.

What was Gamini Singla’s optional subject?

She choosed Sociology as her Optional though she has engineering background. She decided to take this subject as an optional in the UPSC exam because there are an a plenty of books and study materials available for it, and because its syllabus is fairly extensive. For these three reasons, she opted sociology as her optional subject after reading about it and feeling interested in it.

Gamini Singla Marksheet?


Gamini Singla upsc age?

Gamini Singla was 23 years old when she cleared the examination. She cleared the exam in her second attempt.

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