Issues and Schemes

  • Monument and Archaelogical Sites Amendment Act, amendment bill, 2017  
    • Construction for public purpose – limit has been decreased from 100m to 50m  
    • Benefit  
      • Infra – Socio, economic benefits  
      • Better utilisation of land area  
      • Linkage to tourism to the places  
      • ASI to collect revenues 
        • CAG – ASI 3F issue  
      • May involve local communities near to monuments more 
    • Cost  
      • Pollution – Taj  
      • Defacement  
      • Civil Engineering – Vibrations may cause structural faults  
      • Disturb Tourism  
      • May lead to greater encroachment  
        • CAG – About 40% of monuments suffer from encroachment  
  • Steps  
    • India Handloom Tag  
      • he “India Handloom” brand would be given only to high quality defect free authentic handloom products for catering to the needs of those consumers who are looking for niche handmade products.  
      • The “India Handloom” Brand is aimed at generating a special market space and increased earnings to the weaver 
     2015 Nobel prize medicine 
    • One of the winner Tu youyou of China 
    • For discovery of artemisinin – anti malaria 
    • She found after searching for traditional knowledge 
    • Then modified and optimised the process using modern science  
    • UN GA declared June 21 as the International Yoga Day 

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