Sociology Optional, Stratification and Mobility (Day-25)

Syllabus of day 25
Stratification and Mobility:
c. Social mobility- open and closed systems, types of mobility, sources, and causes of mobility.
Source – IGNOU ESO-14

Q1. Write short note on intergenerational and intragenerational mobility. (150 words, 10 marks.)

Introduction – This is a very factual simple and straightforward question so write the definition of both types of mobility in the introduction.
Body – Explain in detail both types of mobility. Write how they are achieved, write advantages and disadvantages if any.
Conclusion – Write simple straight forward conclusion

Q2. “Vertical mobility brings structural change even in a closed social system.” Comment. (150 words, 10 marks.)

Here comment means you have to explain both dimensions of the question with a balanced conclusion.
Introduction – Right what is vertical mobility.
Body – Elaborate on vertical mobility and Write both the dimensions in favor of the given statement and against the given statement.
Conclusion – Write a balanced conclusion.

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